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Tip of the Day March 21

Ensure that your mealtimes are phone-free and gadget-free zones. Turn gadgets off and turn on the conversation while you eat.

Tip of the Day March 20

Eat a meal as a family. Encourage everyone to talk. Ask about what they’re interested in or what gets them excited.

Tip of the Day March 19

Soothe your kids when they get upset. Teach them how to calm themselves down in healthy ways.

Tip of the Day March 18

Nap when your kids nap. If your kids have outgrown naps, have a quiet time so family members can rest and have some downtime every day.

Tip of the Day March 17

Find out which aspects of the holidays your kids enjoy most. Create more holiday traditions that they enjoy.

Tip of the Day March 16

Parent with your spouse or partner. Create a united front so that kids know what to expect (instead of who to play against whom).

Tip of the Day March 15

Tell your kids you’re proud of them today. Be specific when you tell them why.

Tip of the Day March 14

Keep up with the current issues that parents face today. It’s better to be aware of issues and talk about them with your kids—before they possibly affect your family.

Tip of the Day March 13

Encourage your kids to travel by reading books that take them to new places.

Tip of the Day March 12

Encourage your kids to develop good health habits, such as brushing their teeth, using deodorant, and wearing clean clothes.