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Tip of the Day, Jul. 26

Your kids will have dreams that will seem odd or foreign to you. Don’t dismiss them. Instead, support your children’s efforts to explore new frontiers.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 23

Today’s world is fast-paced. Teach your kids by example that sometimes slow and steady actually does win the race.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 22

Take a walk this week with a family member and see where the conversations go.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 21

Let your kids see you get excited about something.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 20

Ask your kids to tell you what they most want from you—not material goods, but in terms of support.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 19

As a family, make a list of goals or a vision statement for how you want to be.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 16

Do something this week to help out another parent.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 15

Young people are changing much more rapidly than their parents. Remember this and know that it will cause growing pains that will eventually change as well.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 14

Talk with your child about their own personal power and how they can be a positive influence on their friends, their classroom, their family members.

Tip of the Day, Jul. 13

Scouts and other youth groups are great places for young people to build strong, supportive relationships. Explore youth group opportunities.