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Tip of the Day, May 14

At your next family meal, go around the table, each sharing one challenge and one accomplishment of pride.

Tip of the Day, May 13

Teach your kids to tackle each day, and each problem, one at a time.

Tip of the Day, May 12

Encourage your children to take one small step toward changing something they’d like to do differently.

Tip of the Day, May 10

With your kids, learn some relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, or stretching.

Tip of the Day, May 7

Help your children think of their “failures” as learning experiences.

Tip of the Day, May 11

Pay attention to what you say, and how you say it, about people, the world, ideas, and so on. Your kids are learning from you.

Tip of the Day, May 6

Talk with your kids about the sounds you and they associate with different times and places. Remind them to listen for sounds on walks, in buildings, on trips.

Tip of the Day, May 5

Give your children the best foundation possible so they’re better equipped to take their own path.

Tip of the Day, May 4

Start fresh tomorrow, regardless of what happened today. Your attitude will rub off on your children.

Tip of the Day, May 3

Regardless of whether you are religious, talk with your children about your spiritual beliefs. Why do you think you’re here? What keeps you going? What grounds you?