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Tip of the Day April 11

If you have more than one child, make sure you’re not giving one child more attention than another. Kids notice.

Tip of the Day April 10

Take a trip down memory lane. Flip through a photo album of your child. Talk about what you remember when they were young.

Tip of the Day April 9

Stop power struggles with your kids by remaining calm. Then offer choices to break log jams.

Tip of the Day April 8

Help your kids clean their rooms. Put on music they like and dance (or sing) as your work.

Tip of the Day April 7

Rotate your art supplies to keep kids from getting bored. Switch between chalk, watercolors, markers, tempera paint, colored pencils, and finger-paints.

Tip of the Day April 6

Talk with your kids when they make money mistakes. (All of them do!) Discuss how to make better money choices next time.

Tip of the Day April 5

Take your child on a treasure hunt through your neighborhood. Collect a leaf, a feather, an acorn, and other things you find.

Tip of the Day April 4

Teach your kids that mistakes are part of life. Everyone goofs up, and everyone can learn from his or her mistakes.

Tip of the Day April 3

Expose your kids to a wide range of activities and subjects so they can discover what interests them.

Tip of the Day April 2

Ask your kids silly questions to jumpstart their imaginations. Ask: What would people look like if they chewed with their noses? Or what would our pet say if he or she spoke English?