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Tip of the Day April 25

Get your child a library card in her or her name. Go the library often and check out books.

Tip of the Day April 24

Give kids an allowance so they can learn how to manage money while they’re still young and you can influence their choices.

Tip of the Day April 23

Do something unusual to make family mealtimes more fun. Have a picnic on the floor in your living room.

Tip of the Day April 22

Help your kids get organized in their rooms and at school. Find organizational tools that they’ll use.

Tip of the Day April 21

Blow bubbles with your kids. See if they can catch a bubble and then use the bubble to catch another to create double-decker bubbles.

Tip of the Day April 20

Encourage kids to help you with the laundry. Teach them to sort colors. After clothes are dry, have them match socks.

Tip of the Day April 19

Get your kids outside. Splash in puddles. Run around the yard or playground. Organize a neighborhood game of kick the can. Get out and move!

Tip of the Day April 18

Ask your kids what they worry about. Then address their concerns.

Tip of the Day April 17

Trade outgrown clothes, toys, and other items with other families.

Tip of the Day April 16

Model safe driving to your kids. Don’t text. Don’t talk on a cell phone. Focus only on the road (and talking calmly with your kids) while your drive.