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Tip of the Day April 1

Stimulate your child’s curiosity by finding fascinating books, activities, and toys.

Tip of the Day March 31

Arrange car pools with other parents for kids’ activities to help cut down on the amount of running you have to do—and to help the environment.

Tip of the Day March 30

Allow kids to succeed and fail. They learn from both.

Tip of the Day March 28

Build your kids’ self-esteem by loving them, accepting them for who they are, supporting them, and helping them to find other kids and adults who care about them.

Tip of the Day March 29

Go through your kids’ toys. Fix those that are broken. Donate ones that your kids have outgrown or no longer want.

Tip of the Day March 27

When setbacks happen, show kids that they’re only temporary and that they can do things to make the situation better.

Tip of the Day March 26

Love kids unconditionally but praise them conditionally. Praise kids when they succeed and match the level of praise to what they accomplished.

Tip of the Day March 25

Listen to the dreams that your kids have. Help them make their dreams come true.

Tip of the Day March 24

Play together in ways that make kids laugh and enjoy the time with you.

Tip of the Day March 23

Break new tasks into small, manageable steps that children can master without becoming too frustrated.