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Tip of the Day Nov. 20

Find someone to care for your kids from time to time so that you can take a break to do something for yourself.

Tip of the Day Nov. 19

Pay attention to each person’s schedule. Make sure someone isn’t doing too much and someone else isn’t doing enough. Try to find a healthy balance.

TIp of the Day Nov. 18

Stay in touch with extended family members. Find ways to connect even if someone is far away.

Tip of the Day Nov 17

Put on music your family enjoys. Dance to the music.

Tip of the Day Nov. 16

When kids get discouraged, listen to them. Give them space. Tell them that everyone gets discouraged at times.

Tip of the Day Nov. 15

Play with your family pet. If you don’t have a pet, visit a friendly pet in your neighborhood.

Tip of the Day Nov. 14

Encourage your child to do his or her best—no matter where your child is.

Tip of the Day Nov. 13

Teach kids how to save. Give them a piggy bank. Help them open a savings account.

Tip of the Day Nov. 12

Talk with your neighbors to create ways to monitor young people.

Tip of the Day Nov. 11

Create ways for siblings to get along. Build Lego® creations. Develop towers out of blocks. Play together.