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Tip of the Day May 19

Make a paper chain out of construction paper (with one link for each day) to count down to a holiday or other special occasion. Remove one link each day.

Tip of theDay May 18

Encourage your child to participate in activities that nurture their spirit.

Tip of the Day May 17

Act in ways that you want your children to act. Don’t just tell them what to do and what not to do.

Tip of the Day May 16

Childproof all places where kids play and hang out. Keep them safe.

Tip of the Day May 15

Go to a music concert with your kids. Public schools and communities often offer free concerts.

Tip of the Day May 14

If you want to change a number of your child’s behaviors, focus on only one at a time. You’re more likely to succeed that way.

Tip of the Day May 13

Find other parents to discuss the parenting issues you care about. Find ways to support each other.

Tip of the Day May 12

Help your kids identify adults they can go to if they need help. You can’t be with them every hour of the day.

Tip of the Day May 11

Decide which rules are negotiable and which ones are non-negotiable. Learning how to negotiate is a key skill kids need to learn.

Tip of the Day May 10

When your kids get bored, brainstorm ideas of what to do. If nothing sticks, give them space to figure it out for themselves.