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Tip of the Day Feb. 17

Smile at kids whenever you see them. Be happy that you’re with them.

Tip of the Day Feb. 16

Be silly with your kids. Make funny faces. Create silly noises. Find ways to giggle.

Tip of the Day Feb.15

Remind your kids to do their homework and to do all of it well.

Tip of the Day Feb. 14

Explore family activities that your community has to offer.

Tip of the Day Feb. 13

Advocate for family-friendly policies at your place of work.

Tip of the Day Feb. 12

Find ways to help your kids connect with your extended family: grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and others.

Tip of the Day Feb. 11

Teach your kids how to make good decisions. Explain that good decisions sometimes entails changing your mind.

Tip of the Day Feb. 10

When your rules differ from others, point that out and explain why you have the rules that you do.

Tip of the Day Feb. 9

Notice when your kids become empathetic. Point out that you like this, and encourage their empathy to grow.

Tip of the Day Feb. 8

When your kids get mad, help them to calm down. Then encourage them to say what made them mad. Then find solutions that work for them.