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Tip of the Day May 1

Have a neighborhood celebration on the last day of the school year. Invite youth, parents, teachers, and other neighbors.

Tip of the Day April 30

Let your child express his or her unique personality. Kids reveal themselves through their clothes, their hairstyles, and the way they act.

Tip of the Day April 29

Spring cleaning, anyone? Help your child donate gently used things to charitable causes. Talk about having less stuff.

Tip of the Day April 28

Thank the adults around you who make a difference in the lives of your kids.

Tip of the Day April 27

Give your kids more ways to participate in your family’s spiritual practices and traditions.

Tip of the Day April 26

Tip of the Day April 25

When you attend your child’s sports game, concert, or other youth activity, cheer on all the kids that you know.

Tip of the Day April 24

Find positive role models for your kids. They’re in your community, your kids’ school, and at your work place.

Tip of the Day April 23

When disaster or tragedy strikes, respond positively as a family. Volunteer. Donate money. Help out in some way.

Tip of the Day April 22

Exercise together as a family. Go for family walks. Swim at a community pool. Play games.