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Tip of the Day July 8

Model safe driving to your kids. Don’t text or use your cell phone. Focus only on the road (and talking calmly with your kids) while you drive.

Tip of the Day July 7

Consider re-arranging your kids’ rooms to help them feel like they’re getting something new—without paying a cent.

Tip of the Day July 6

Involve your kids when planning vacations, getaways, and reunions. They often have great ideas about what to do.

Tip of the Day July 5

If you have more than one child, make sure you’re not giving one child more attention than another. Kids notice.

Tip of the Day July 4

Actively honor the 4th of July with your kids by attending a parade, talking to a veteran, or visit those who don’t have the day off (police officers, fire fighters, etc.) and take them treats to thank them for their service.

Tip of the Day July 3

Ask your kids silly questions to jumpstart their imaginations.

Tip of the Day July 2

Give your kids some downtime to choose what they want to do.

Tip of the Day July 1

Need a summer project to do with your kids? Grow food you can eat like herbs, tomatoes, carrots, or strawberries. All you need is some dirt, a pot, and seeds.

Tip of the Day June 30

Help your kids clean their rooms. Put on music they like and dance (or sing) as your work. Getting your kids to do household chores >>

Tip of the Day June 29

Stop power struggles with your kids by remaining calm. Then offer choices to break log jams.