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Tip of the Day December 2

Sending out holiday cards? Put your kids in charge of the family update. Whether that means jotting down greetings inside each card or writing a letter to be printed or copied, your kids can share family highlights from the past year in their own words.

Tip of the Day December 1

Talk about the wonders of life with your kids. If your child enjoys a video game, a certain musical instrument, or playing a certain sport, talk about how great it is that someone invented it.

Tip of the Day November 30

Whenever your child notices that someone is upset and wants to help, encourage him or her to act on that impulse. Afterward, talk about how pleased you are with your child for caring.

Tip of the Day November 29

Kids learn a lot about honesty from the way you act. They notice when you tell lies over the phone—or to a salesperson to get rid of her. Work on being honest yet tactful and respectful to others.

Tip of the Day November 28

For those celebrating Thanksgiving today, have each person present name something he or she is thankful for in the past year. It could be the birth of a new family member, moving to a new house, starting school, or getting well after being sick.

Tip of the Day November 27

Consider spending part of your Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiving weekend) helping others by doing a family service project.

Tip of the Day November 26

This Thanksgiving, try getting kids and adults to interact more. Consider creating a different seating arrangement at your holiday table. Place a child from a different family next to a different adult.

Tip of the Day November 25

Model sincere appreciation. Kids notice when you have an attitude of gratitude—and when you don’t.

Tip of the Day November 24

As a family, talk about what you like and dislike about Thanksgiving. Your kids may surprise you: some really enjoy annual traditions while others get bored with them.

Tip of the Day November 23

Plan a holiday shopping event in your home or community center. Ask adult volunteers to collect or donate inexpensive gifts, paper, tags, and bows so children can select gifts and wrap them for family members.