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Tip of the Day June 2

Protect your kids from things that scare you. Teach them how to protect themselves.

Tip of the Day June 1

Develop your passions and interests. Following your spark sets a good example for your kids (and makes you a better parent).

Tip of the Day May 31

Encourage your kids to state their views and opinions about issues. Ask questions about what they think, and be supportive of their independent thinking.

Tip of the Day May 30

Notice when kids become jealous of other kids. Help them understand and work through their jealousy.

Tip of the Day May 29

Talk with your kids about what they’re seeing in movies and TV shows. Point out what you admire—and what you don’t. Explain why.

Tip of the Day May 28

Grow food you can eat. Grow tomatoes, carrots, radishes, or strawberries. All you need is some dirt, a pot, and seeds.

Tip of the Day May 27

Monitor your kids to keep them safe—and to know what they’re up to. Keep track of them in ways that show kids you’re interested in them, not waiting for them to make a mistake.

Tip of the Day May 26

Play with children, letting them choose the type of play.

Tip of the Day May 25

Answer kids’ questions. If you don’t know the answer, research it until you do.

Tip of the Day May 24

When you disagree with your kids, point out that you still care about kids and that disagreements don’t cancel out love.