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Tip of the Day July 8

Visit a local farmer’s market and buy fresh food and vegetables. Try something new.

Tip of the Day July 7

Grow food you can eat. Grow tomatoes, carrots, radishes, or strawberries. All you need is some dirt, a pot, and seeds.

Tip of the Day July 6

Ensure that your mealtimes are phone-free and gadget-free zones. Turn gadgets off and turn on the conversation while you eat.

Tip of the Day July 5

Keep your kids safe online. Use parental controls. Ask your kids about who they’re friends with online—and why.

Tip of the Day July 4

Allow your kids to explore what they’re curious about in safe ways.

Tip of the Day July 3

Instead of thinking only about what you can teach your kids, figure out what they’re teaching you. Adults can learn from children as well.

Tip of the Day July 2

Nap when your kids nap. If your kids have outgrown naps, have a quiet time so family members can rest and have some downtime every day.

Tip of the Day July 1

Parent with your spouse or partner. Create a united front so that kids know what to expect (instead of who to play against whom).

Tip of the Day June 30

Try to take a family photo at least once a year. Consider including your pets.

Tip of the Day June 29

Ask your child to draw a picture of your family. Then display it in your home or office.