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Tip of the Day July 24

Reflect on what you like best about parenting.

Tip of the Day July 23

Involve your kids when planning vacations, getaways, and reunions. They often have great ideas on what to do.

Tip of the Day July 22

When your school, your child’s club, congregation, or community offers a family service opportunity, make it a priority to do it.

Tip of the Day July 21

Go to a music concert with your kids. Public schools and communities often offer free concerts.

Tip of the Day July 20

Love kids unconditionally but praise them conditionally. Praise kids when they succeed and match the level of praise to what they accomplished.

Tip of the Day July 19

Pack a litter-less lunch. Use reusable containers and silverware. Avoid disposable drinks and food in disposable wrappers.

Tip of the Day July 18

Talk with your kids when they make money mistakes. (All of them do!) Discuss how to make better money choices next time.

Tip of the Day July 17

Listen to the dreams that your kids have. Help them make their dreams come true.

Tip of the Day July 16

Break new tasks into small, manageable steps that children can master without becoming too frustrated.

Tip of the Day July 15

Take your child on a treasure hunt through your neighborhood. Collect a leaf, a feather, an acorn, and other things you find.