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Tip of the Day August 7

Stop power struggles with your kids by remaining calm. Then offer choices to break log jams.

Tip of the Day August 6

Build in extra time for transitions (such as getting to school or an appointment) since kids tend to dawdle.

Tip of the Day August 5

Monitor your kids to keep them safe—and to know what they’re up to. Keep track of them in ways that show kids you’re interested in them, not waiting for them to make a mistake.

Tip of the Day August 4

Get out some paper and washable markers and spend some time as a family doodling as you talk.

Tip of the Day August 3

Encourage your kids not to rush through meals. Explain that talking as a family is an important part of mealtime.

Tip of the Day August 2

Get to know the neighbors you really enjoy. Make an effort to build the relationship—and for your kids to get to know them as well.

Tip of the Day August 1

Find a place where your kids can place their dirty clothes—so they don’t end up all over the floor.

Tip of the Day July 31

Make eating out with young children easier by eating at the same time you usually do and bringing your child’s favorite cup.

Tip of the Day July 30

Go through your kids’ toys. Fix those that are broken. Donate ones that your kids have outgrown or no longer want.

Tip of the Day July 29

Allow kids to succeed and fail. They learn from both.