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Tip of the Day December 7

Interact with your children in loving, respectful, and caring ways, even when you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Tip of the Day December 6

Make the case for family holidays. Even if kids think they’re stupid and boring, point out how they’re something your family does and values. Work to interject activities or rituals that will get your kids more interested.

Tip of the Day December 5

Prepare for the holidays with the activities you and your family enjoy the most. Some families love going to a holiday concert. Others enjoy making holiday goodies. Others enjoy making gifts to give.

Tip of the Day December 4

Congratulate your children when they resolve a conflict on their own.

Tip of the Day December 3

Create a holiday budget. List everyone for whom you plan to buy a gift. Set a budget for each person and then follow that budget.

Tip of the Day December 2

Maintain a positive attitude about education. Don’t reinforce negative attitudes about the value of education by asking questions such as, “Won’t you be glad when it’s winter break?”

Tip of the Day December 1

Let your children know that you will always be there for them, and work on building strong relationships that are characterized by warmth, boundaries, and respect.

Tip of the Day November 30

Be honest about your family’s difficulties. No family is perfect, and every family has its stressors and weaknesses. Talk about these and work through them together.

Tip of the Day November 29

Always be clear and consistent about the consequences your kids will face for varying infractions, including lying about bad behavior. Then make sure that you always follow through on those consequences.

Tip of the Day November 28

Regularly express your caring—verbally and nonverbally—to your children.