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Tip of the Day December 11

Kids can become so engrossed in getting gifts that they miss out on giving to others. Emphasize the giving aspect of the holidays with your family.

Tip of the Day December 10

Speak up when you see other adults not listening to young people or not considering young people’s needs.

Tip of the Day December 9

Talk to your kids about what to do when they receive a present they dislike. Be honest that every gift you get may not be your favorite. However, it’s important to be thankful for people being generous.

Tip of the Day December 8

As much as possible, continue traditions started when your children were younger. Though they are growing and changing, it’s important for them to trust that there is continuity and consistency in life.

Tip of the Day December 7

Did you know that today is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day? Find a participating bookstore in your area >>

Tip of the Day December 6

Ask significant adults in your children’s lives to give gifts of time or activities (such as a trip to a park, an afternoon of baking, or a visit to a museum), rather than material goods.

Tip of the Day December 5

Develop a holiday library with books about your traditions as well as those of others. Talk about the things you celebrate and why they are important in your family.

Tip of the Day December 4

Include your children when you spend time with your friends.

Tip of the Day December 3

Ask holiday party invitees to bring food to donate to a shelter. This will be a great way to show your children that the holiday season is also about helping others, not just about going to parties and getting presents.

Tip of the Day December 2

Sending out holiday cards? Put your kids in charge of the family update. Whether that means jotting down greetings inside each card or writing a letter to be printed or copied, your kids can share family highlights from the past year in their own words.