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Tip of the Day June 9

Set aside time on a regular basis for your family to clean up your home. Encourage everyone to pitch in.

Tip of the Day June 8

Explore other nearby parks and playgrounds for free, fun, family time.

Tip of the Day June 7

Trust your kids to do the right thing. When they don’t, show them a better way.

Tip of the Day June 6

Tackle problems with your kids when they’re small. They’re easier to solve then.

Tip of the Day June 5

Exercise together as a family. Go for family walks. Swim at a community pool. Play games.

Tip of the Day June 4

Introduce your kids to new foods, such as kale, pomegranate, or wild rice.

Tip of the Day June 3

Support your kids as they discover their emerging spirituality.

Tip of the Day June 2

Protect your kids from things that scare you. Teach them how to protect themselves.

Tip of the Day June 1

Develop your passions and interests. Following your spark sets a good example for your kids (and makes you a better parent).

Tip of the Day May 31

Encourage your kids to state their views and opinions about issues. Ask questions about what they think, and be supportive of their independent thinking.