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Tip of the Day June 28

Keep in touch with family members who are far away via email, postal mail, video voice calls through the Internet, and other creative ways.

Tip of the Day June 27

Make sure kids wear helmets when riding bikes, trikes, and skateboards.

Tip of the Day June 26

Know your parenting potholes, such as arguing with your kids in unproductive ways or avoiding important issues. Work to avoid falling in them.

Tip of the Day June 25

Tell your kids you’re proud of them today. Be specific when you tell them why.

Tip of the Day June 24

Ask your kids silly questions to jumpstart their imaginations. Ask: What would people look like if they chewed with their noses? Or what would our pet say if he or she spoke English?

Tip of the Day June 23

Keep up with the current issues that parents face today. It’s better to be aware of issues and talk about them with your kids—before they possibly affect your family.

Tip of the Day June 22

If you want to change a number of your child’s behaviors, focus on only one at a time. You’re more likely to succeed that way.

Tip of the Day June 21

Encourage your kids to travel by reading books that take them to new places.

Tip of the Day June 20

Laugh at your kids’ jokes. Encourage them to develop a healthy sense of humor.

Tip of the Day June 19

Do something unusual to make family mealtimes more fun. Have a picnic on the floor in your living room.