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Tip of the Day December 17

Your kids learn a lot about how to manage money by the way you use money. Visit Kids and Money for everyday tips on money and parenting >>

Tip of the Day December 16

When you gather with family and friends for a holiday meal, put your child in charge of entertainment. In the days leading up to the event, help your child practice singing a song, reading a favorite story, or writing an original poem.

Tip of the Day December 15

Encourage adults you know (in your neighborhood, congregation, workplace, or community) to get to know your children. Let those adults know that you value them and that you think they have something important to offer your kids.

Tip of the Day December 14

Talk about holiday shopping with your kids. Explain how you develop a budget, how you decide what to buy, and how to use your money well. Visit Bank It for more holiday budgeting tips >>

Tip of the Day December 13

What are your happiest holiday memories from childhood? Share those tidbits with your kids: briefly describe the scene, explain how you felt and even share a photo of yourself at that age.

Tip of the Day December 12

Include holiday giving (such as giving money to charity) as part of your holiday spending. Discuss as a family which organizations you will support.

Tip of the Day December 11

Kids can become so engrossed in getting gifts that they miss out on giving to others. Emphasize the giving aspect of the holidays with your family.

Tip of the Day December 10

Speak up when you see other adults not listening to young people or not considering young people’s needs.

Tip of the Day December 9

Talk to your kids about what to do when they receive a present they dislike. Be honest that every gift you get may not be your favorite. However, it’s important to be thankful for people being generous.

Tip of the Day December 8

As much as possible, continue traditions started when your children were younger. Though they are growing and changing, it’s important for them to trust that there is continuity and consistency in life.