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Tip of the Day February 8

Monitor your own comments about other parents and families. Your kids are always listening and we may appear less tolerant than we intend, if we are careless with our words.

Tip of the Day February 7

Don’t worry too much about your child’s mood, snark, or sass. Today’s definitive statement about hating this or that aspect of family life will likely be forgotten tomorrow. Or when the ice cream is served after dinner. Or when your teen needs a ride to the mall.

Tip of the Day February 6

Talking Tip: Help your kids to name their feelings or issues using “multiple choice therapy.” Try something like, “Some kids in this situation might feel angry, or sad, or afraid, or all of the above. Do any of those sound true for you?” Then talk it out.

Tip of the Day February 5

Breathe deeply ten times before you respond to a rude remark from your child (if you can remember to try it!). We can do such a nicer job of responding constructively when we are thoughtful and calm.

Tip of the Day February 4

Have your child’s friends over to the house sometimes. This is a good way to get to know their peer group – and for their peer group to come to see your family interact.

Tip of the Day February 3

Parents who work with a partner or other adults are typically most effective at raising kids. Working to improve your relationship with other significant adults in your kids’ lives can be an important long-term investment that really pays off.

Tip of the Day February 2

Remember, families come in so many different shapes and forms these days. Celebrate this and highlight your kids’ awareness by seeking out books or movies that show complex family structures as a regular part of the world.

Tip of the Day February 1

Make sure you get the support you need. We can be there for our kids in the ways they need us more easily if we have gotten the support and recuperation we need each week.

Tip of the Day January 31

Help your kids take healthy risks—not dangerous ones. Teach them the difference.

Tip of the Day January 30

When you see “rebellion” coming, nip it. Remind your child she has a choice. She can be a force for good, or for the dark side. Ask your child: How can you use your power for good?