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Tip of the Day April 3

Have children do routine chores without pay, such as loading the dishwasher or putting toys away, but allow them to earn some extra cash for chores that are “above and beyond”, like cleaning the garage or washing windows.

Tip of the Day April 2

According to the Autism Society of America, more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. This month, participate in an Autism Walk or other fundraisers in your community that are devoted to supporting autism awareness and research.

Tip of the Day April 1

Children learn a lot about money by watching how we shop. Do you shop at garage sales or department stores? Are you more loyal to name brands or store brands? What do you put in the cart and what do you say “no” to?

Tip of the Day March 31

Manage your emotions. Our emotional reactions sometimes send signals we don’t intend: fear and worry can look an awful lot like anger, for instance. Take a cooling down period if you need one, and don’t be afraid to say so: I’m a little too upset to talk about this right now, let’s have this conversation in the morning when I drive you to school.

Tip of the Day March 30

There may be some details of your teen years that it’s best to keep mum about, but at times, sharing your personal growing pains stories can help foster communication between you and your children.
Get more tips on how to foster positive communication.>

Tip of the Day March 29

Set an expectation of honesty with your teen or young adult, and remain open to hearing information that may not please you. The only other options are snooping or speculating, so asking your teen when you have a question (or suspicion) is almost always the best course of action. Get help addressing sensitive topics. >

Tip of the Day March 28

Talk to other parents. Don’t be disadvantaged in your parenting by not having your daughter’s best friend’s mother’s cell phone number. As our kids get older, the hours they spend away from us grow longer. Build your network of interested and attentive adults so that you have allies to reinforce positive behaviors and address those that are not so positive.

Tip of the Day March 27

Pay attention to your kids’ relationships outside of the home. What’s her tone of voice when she speaks to her friends? Is he a follower or the leader among his teammates? Has her style of dress changed since she met her new best friend? All of these things are cues to who your kid is when they are out in the world without you and may tell you how much your values are actually taking root.

Tip of the Day March 26

Be patient. While it would be wonderful if our kids got everything right the first time (rules, schoolwork, chores, etc.), they seldom do. Your expectations should keep pace with what is realistic and appropriate for them developmentally. Visit our Ages & Stages section for a guide.>

Tip of the Day March 25

Sometimes it can be more than apparent why you had to take a disciplinary action, but it doesn’t hurt to spell it out, even with your teenagers. I specifically forbade you to return with the car after dark because you’re not an experienced enough driver yet and I don’t want you to get hurt, or to hurt someone else. You’re not allowed to drive at all for the next two weeks, because you need to consider it a limited privilege until you’re at least eighteen.