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Tip of the Day March 17

Tell your kids you love them often. You’ll find that this is easier to do if you’re also behaving in a loving and nurturing manner toward them. By saying it, you remind yourself to live it as well.

Tip of the Day March 16

If siblings, friends or other children seem to be surpassing your child in certain areas, resist the urge to share that observation with them. It will have a negative impact on how your child values herself and make her less motivated, a result that is probably precisely the opposite of what you intended.

Tip of the Day March 15

Allowing your kids to take charge of certain tasks, even if they don’t do them exactly as you would have, builds their self-confidence. Feel free to make your preferences known up front, but don’t re-stack the dishes or refold the laundry once they’ve done it.

Tip of the Day March 14

When you’re tired, overworked or overwhelmed, you may find that it’s easier to give in than to maintain a particular standard or expectation. But by being consistent, you teach your kids the importance of being accountable to themselves and others.

Tip of the Day March 13

Life can get so busy that we sometimes forget that we are part of, and responsible to, a larger community. You can remind your kids (and yourself) of that by getting out of the house and doing things in your neighborhood like helping clean up a park or contributing items to a local shelter.

Tip of the Day March 12

Have you ever seen someone be rude to a waiter, or snap at a store clerk? What did you think of that person? Teach your kids the importance of treating people well. One sign of a person’s character is whether they treat people well, even when they don’t have to.

Tip of the Day March 11

Talk it over when things don’t go exactly as your kids may have hoped. Some of your kids’ efforts will be less than successful. Rather than downplay the experience, try to find a lesson in there; there almost always is one.

Tip of the Day March 10

Let kids be themselves. Part of the wonder of parenting is realizing how different our kids may be from us. Nurture and support those differences, and seek to understand them. Remember to help them explore their spark!

Tip of the Day March 9

Praise your child in the presence of others. Although you may be tempted to recite a litany of complaints about your child to their other parent, grandparents or other relatives, be sure to mention the good things they’ve done without being boastful or falsely positive.

Tip of the Day March 8

Focus criticism on your child’s actions rather than on the child herself. Instead of: You are so lazy! If you’d studied you would have passed that test! Try: You are clearly capable of getting an ‘A’ in this class, so it disappoints me that you didn’t put in the time preparing for the test.