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Tip of the Day April 9

When your child is curious about something, help her or him learn more.

Tip of the Day April 8

Plan a progressive party in your neighborhood; ask each family to prepare one snack, and begin the evening at your home. As a group, move from home to home until each family has had a turn to host.

Tip of the Day April 7

Tell your kids how much you like being with them.

Tip of the Day April 6

Talk about how you decide when to spend money and why. Teach your kids how to budget. More tips for teaching kids money management >>

Tip of the Day April 5

Tell other parents when you see their child doing something responsible or generous. Try to find opportunities to say positive things more often than you report misbehavior.

Tip of the Day April 4

Make your home a safe haven where young people can—and want to—hang out. More tips on how to be involved in your child’s peer relationships without being controlling >>

Tip of the Day April 3

When life gets hard, be honest about it with your kids. The way you react to hardship teaches them a lot.

Tip of the Day April 2

Notice when your kids pull away from you. Find out why without invading their privacy.

Tip of the Day April 1

Consider April Fool’s Day to be a holiday to teach kids appropriate ways to pull harmless pranks, be silly, and enjoy themselves. Click here for simple tips for April Fool’s Day fun >>

Tip of the Day March 31

Remind your kids to do their homework and to do all of it well. More tips for school success >>