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Tip of the Day January 2

We are not meant to raise children without some help. Help your children connect with other positive adults who can mentor them and assist them as they grow up.

Tip of the Day January 1

Ask your kids about their hopes and dreams for the new year. If they are reluctant to talk, ask open-ended questions, such as “Is there anything you’d like to change about the coming year?” or “What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this year?”

Tip of the Day December 31

Celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day (December 31) by inviting everyone in your family to talk about one decision they want and need to make. If appropriate, encourage all to make those decisions today.

Tip of the Day December 30

Invite your family into a “safe” zone at home to talk about any ongoing issue troubling you or your children (such as a disagreement or power struggle). Agree to all try your best to speak kindly and respectfully and to really listen to each other.

Tip of the Day December 29

Make a time capsule with your children for the coming year. Include a list of predictions about the world, your family and friends, and yourselves. Save your predictions (and any special items) in a safe place. Share your lists and ideas at your next New Year’s Eve celebration!

Tip of the Day December 28

Plan a New Year’s celebration with other families. Try spending time outside (walking, ice-skating, watching fireworks, or playing games) to work off excess energy and excitement, and then invite everyone in for a potluck meal or special treats.

Tip of the Day December 27

Visit the library and check out craft or project books. Together, do something your child picks out of a book.

Tip of the Day December 26

Whether it’s going outside, going to the movies, or visiting a museum or zoo, find places to take kids to make the winter break more interesting.

Tip of the Day December 25

Part of the difficulty about getting ready for the holidays is that everything speeds up and tempers can flare. Take time to slow down today and feel the joy of the season with your family.

Tip of the Day December 24

Do what makes you happy this holiday season. Celebrate the holidays with the activities you and your family enjoy best. Some families love going to a holiday concert. Others enjoy making holiday goodies. Others enjoy making gifts to give. Do what suits you!