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Tip of the Day November 26

Instead of buying gifts for birthdays and holidays, make gifts with your kids.

Tip of the Day November 25

Give your kids practice at public speaking. Have them read a book aloud or have them learn about a subject and then stand up in front of your family and talk about it.

Tip of the Day November 24

Be careful that your worries don’t become your kids’. If you’re often fretting about your weight, guess who may also start to worry about that?

Tip of the Day November 23

Display your favorite photos of your kids. Then take out the camera and snap some more.

Tip of the Day November 22

Be clear about how you want your kids to act. Hold them accountable when they don’t follow the rules.

Tip of the Day November 21

Help your kids find a place to keep track of their valuables. It’s easier if they have a spot to place things every day—so they don’t mindless leave things lying around.

Tip of the Day November 20

Talk about what items cost, such as eating out or an extra-curricular activity. Teach kids about the value of money.

Tip of the Day November 19

Use a timer for chores that make family members cringe. Work hard to complete the chore while the timer ticks and then stop and do something else when it rings.

Tip of the Day November 18

Count how many servings of fruits and vegetables each family member can eat today. How high can each person go?

Tip of the Day November 17

Make a paper chain out of construction paper (with one link for each day) to count down to a holiday or other special occasion. Remove one link each day.