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Tip of the Day June 21

Ask your kids open-ended questions (rather than ones with yes/no answers) as a way of engaging them in conversation.

Tip of the Day May 29

As families grow and change, so do family traditions. Be willing to say good-bye to cherished traditions once they no longer suit your family.

Tip of the Day May 28

Do your kids know the difference between feelings and actions? It’s okay not to like every kid in class, but it’s not okay to treat anyone badly. Talk about the difference.

Tip of the Day May 27

You can’t force fun and you can’t make every childhood moment perfect. If your family isn’t enjoying an activity the way you expected, look for family traditions elsewhere.

Tip of the Day May 26

Sometimes you can replicate traditions from your childhood with your children. Sometimes you can’t. Be ready to build new memories.

Tip of the Day May 25

Kids have big ears. They hear us talking about our friends and neighbors. Use the kind of words and tone you want your kids to use.

Tip of the Day May 24

Help your kids build family traditions with grandparents and other older adults. We learn a lot from other generations.

Tip of the Day May 23

Should all family activities be mandatory? Set clear expectations for when kids must be with the family and when they can be with friends.

Tip of the Day May 22

When you see teasing and disrespect on TV and in movies, call it what it is. Talk to your kids about the language and behavior they see around them.

Tip of the Day May 21

Ask your kids about their favorite family traditions. They’ll probably surprise you with simple moments you don’t think of as traditions.