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Tip of the Day January 6

Activity: Make a “goalie box” from a cardboard box. Have each family member write down a goal on a piece of paper. Taking turns, share the goal, wad it up and flick the “soccer ball” with your fingers into the goalie box. Store all the goals in the box. Revisit as desired.

Tip of the Day January 5

Together, create a list of your family’s favorite healthy snacks and meals. Work to integrate these into your regular eating habits to stay healthy.

Tip of the Day January 4

Find out one thing that your child wants to learn how to do. Help him find the resources to explore it: websites, books, field trips, and other caring adults who share that interest.

Tip of the Day January 3

Create family traditions for the whole year. Consider monthly focuses to keep it fresh. January might have weekly board game nights. February might be the month you agree to listen to each family member’s favorite songs. March might be the month you get outside and explore nature.

Tip of the Day January 2

Compile a list of needs your children see in the community. Brainstorm ways that your family can help meet the needs. Pick ones to focus on for the upcoming year and serve together as a family.

Tip of the Day January 1

For New Year’s, have a family meal or game time. Go around the group, letting each person share one favorite memory from the past year and one struggle he overcame. Go again and let everyone share one goal for the new year.

Tip of the Day December 31

Support kids in their interests and passions.

Tip of the Day December 30

Teach your kids that the world revolves around all people—not just them.

Tip of the Day December 29

Insist that your kids wear warm clothes outside in cold weather.

Tip of the Day December 28

When you tell your child the rules, explain why. Kids are more likely to follow the rules when they make sense to them.