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Tip of the Day January 15

Limit tech time. Look for ways to get kids involved in activities that are physical, creative and interactive with others.

Tip of the Day January 14

Make a habit every day to find and praise good behavior and the effort your kids make. Don’t look for “perfect” behavior; praise the effort and encourage practice.

Tip of the Day January 13

When behaviors drive you crazy, give yourself grace. Seek out the wisdom of other parents you admire, try new strategies, and remember: parenting well comes from experience, patience, and positive guidance.

Tip of the Day January 12

Emphasize what the right way is to respond in various situations. When misbehavior happens, say, “This isn’t right. The right way to do this is by . . . “ Once they know right from wrong, and choose the wrong, then discipline.

Tip of the Day January 11

Find out what makes your child light up with joy. Help her get involved in activities that are fun, interactive, and rewarding.

Tip of the Day January 10

Capture in words or photos the moments of your life with your child. Record them. Keep them and share them at the end of the year.

Tip of the Day January 9

Figure out your child’s particular sparks and pair them up with a trusted adult who shares the same interest and passion.

Tip of the Day January 8

Laugh and be silly! Nothing feeds the family bond like goofball time. Read comic strips, play pretend, play games, sing out loud—it’s the small things that hold us together.

Tip of the Day January 7

Make a point to spend one-on-one time with your children throughout the week. Consider a “date night” with each child individually on a regular basis.

Tip of the Day January 6

Activity: Make a “goalie box” from a cardboard box. Have each family member write down a goal on a piece of paper. Taking turns, share the goal, wad it up and flick the “soccer ball” with your fingers into the goalie box. Store all the goals in the box. Revisit as desired.