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Tip of the Day May 17

Siblings cheer each other on! Take the whole family to a big game or an awards ceremony. Give siblings a chance to support each other and show their pride.

Tip of the Day May 16

No one deserves to be bullied. When talking about bullying, focus on the bully’s behavior, not the victim’s. Learn more in our webinar today at 12pm Central >>

Tip of the Day May 15

Teach your kids to speak up when they see teasing or disrespect. Young kids can say, “That’s not okay” or “We don’t do that.”

Tip of the Day May 14

When it comes to bullying, “Kids will be kids” sets the bar too low. Expect respect and empathy from the kids in your life at all times. Learn more in our next webinar >>

Tip of the Day May 13

Despite the crumbs and the spills, there’s nothing more precious than breakfast in bed, even if you have to make yourself a decent cup of coffee later.

Tip of the Day May 12

Moms shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a little time for themselves on Mother’s Day. Some quiet self-reflection can recharge the batteries for more family time.

Tip of the Day May 11

Mother’s Day is a fine day to talk about the fact that not everyone has a mother and why not. Find out more about family structure >>

Tip of the Day May 10

If your child doesn’t want to talk about a bad experience at school, accept that for the moment, but set a date to talk later. Send the message that you always want to hear what’s going on.

Tip of the Day May 9

Grandmas are mothers, too! Help your kids make Mother’s Day special for the grandparents and other caring women in their lives.

Tip of the Day May 8

It’s not easy to picture our own kids in the role of the bully, but it can happen. Encourage empathy and respect in your family. Learn more in our upcoming webinar >>