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Tip of the Day May 6

Family traditions don’t have to be elaborate. Friday popcorn can be as important as an annual vacation.

Tip of the Day May 5

Talk with your kids about what makes a good friend and a true friendship. Teach them they deserve nothing less.

Tip of the Day May 4

Keep an open line of communication with your kid’s teachers. Make sure they hear from you when things are going well, not just when there’s a problem.

Tip of the Day May 3

As they say in Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook!” Planning and preparing meals are important life skills that even elementary-age kids can learn.

Tip of the Day May 2

When you see kids teasing or disrespecting each other, speak up. A simple, “We don’t talk to each other that way” can change kids’ lives.

Tip of the Day May 1

Set a fun family goal for May: Try 31 new foods. Or learn 31 new words. Or find 31 new knock-knock jokes.

Tip of the Day April 30

Help your child learn to use humor to combat teasing. When a classmate says something mean, saying something goofy can often defuse the tension.

Tip of the Day April 29

What movies, video games, and TV shows can you think of that have themes about bullying? What happens to the bully and what happens to the victim? Share your thoughts with your kids and ask for their ideas and opinions.

Tip of the Day April 28

Help your child block cyberbullies on their phone and social media accounts. Report inappropriate messages to your service provider; report threats to law enforcement officials.

Tip of the Day April 27

Use books to talk to your kids about bullying. Two good ones: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell and Confessions of a Former Bully by Trudy Ludwig.