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Tip of the Day December 14

Model responsible behavior. If you do things that are off limits in front of a child, be ready to give a reason that is not hypocritical.

Tip of the Day December 13

Ask your kids what they enjoy best about getting ready for (and celebrating) the holidays. Incorporate those things into your holiday planning.

Tip of the Day December 12

Answer your children’s questions. If you don’t know the answer, admit it and work together to find it.

Tip of the Day December 11

This holiday season, ask significant adults in your children’s lives to give gifts of time or activities (such as a trip to a park, an afternoon of baking, or a visit to a museum), rather than material goods.

Tip of the Day December 10

Be an example of how to act—don’t just tell your children what to do or what not to do.

Tip of the Day December 9

Monitor your family’s activity and stress levels. When kids feel overwhelmed, they’re less likely to want to do things. Sometimes it helps to say that instead of attending a holiday event for an entire day that you’re only going to stay for three or four hours.

Tip of the Day December 8

Set a deadline for holiday gift ideas. A big budget buster occurs when your child tells you what he or she desperately wants the night before the holiday and you dash out to find it.

Tip of the Day December 7

Interact with your children in loving, respectful, and caring ways, even when you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Tip of the Day December 6

Make the case for family holidays. Even if kids think they’re stupid and boring, point out how they’re something your family does and values. Work to interject activities or rituals that will get your kids more interested.

Tip of the Day December 5

Prepare for the holidays with the activities you and your family enjoy the most. Some families love going to a holiday concert. Others enjoy making holiday goodies. Others enjoy making gifts to give.