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Tip of the Day April 24

Sometimes tweens and teens need to talk through problems and seek advice from people other than mom or dad. While you don’t want to encourage secretiveness, try to make sure that your child has other caring, responsible adults in his or her life to talk to.

Tip of the Day April 23

Communication is as much about how we listen as what we say. Listening non-judgmentally to our children as they mature and have more complicated things to say to us can be difficult. But, the better we listen, the more likely our children will be to open up.

Tip of the Day April 22

When sass and backtalk enter your child’s repertoire (and they will!) calmly but firmly let him know, “In our family we don’t talk to each other that way.” Then be sure to follow that rule yourself!

Tip of the Day April 21

Find a natural place for regular, pressure-free check-ins with your child. Some families find that conversation flows smoothly while traveling in the car. Others find it easy to chat while on a walk or a run, while washing dishes, or even during commercial breaks.

Tip of the Day April 20

Model good communication with your child by having “conversations” with her even before she can speak: talk, ask questions, pause where you would naturally. As she gets older and joins in, remember to make eye contact, listen, and ask questions. Sit down to “chat” every day.

Tip of the Day April 17

Focus on what you’re doing right. As parents it’s easy to dwell on our foibles and failings. Few have achieved a 4.0 grade point average in parenting – let perfection go and aim for B’s.

Tip of the Day April 16

Not all guilt is equal. Guilt can undermine confidence, but there’s a difference between useful guilt and false guilt. Useful guilt is our conscience telling us that something important is genuinely out of whack – like when screen time has taken over face-to-face time in the family.

Tip of the Day April 15

You’re wiser today than you were yesterday. We all make mistakes along the way, but that’s what makes parenting an art form. Children grow up, we figure things out, and we move on.

Tip of the Day April 14

Your kids want you to be confident. As adults, we don’t want to work for bosses who don’t seem to know what they’re doing. The same goes for kids. Confident parents make kids feel secure. Sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it, but that’s OK.

Tip of the Day April 13

You are the expert – for your child. In your role as a parent you’ve spent a lot of hours watching, listening, experimenting and readjusting. Consider the information and advice you are getting from other trusted sources, but in the end, make parenting decisions based on your own experience and intuition.