Everyday Parenting Tips

The little actions you take every day add up, helping kids grow to be confident and responsible.

When you see news that goes against your values, talk about that with your kids. Help them learn from other people’s mistakes.

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Tip of the Day April 19

Show your kids how to budget their money so that they know how to use money well. Tips for talking about money with your kids >>

Tip of the Day April 18

Help your kids to cope well when bad things happen. Teach them how to be resilient >>

Tip of the Day April 17

Notice when your kids are acting differently and talk to them about it.

Tip of the Day April 16

Ask other parents about family activities they enjoy doing. Then try something they recommend.

Tip of the Day April 15

It’s okay to get overwhelmed from time to time as a parent. Be patient with yourself.