10 Minutes Together: Points for Life

Have each family member assign point values to the items listed in the activity below, based on the things that mean the most to her. Let her know that she has 1000 points to spend on things that add value to her life and the life she wants to create for herself. She can use her points however she would like,assigning each item a point value between 0-1000, but she can’t have a total that is more than 1000 points.

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After taking time to allocate points, let each person share her point totals. Then talk about why the items with the most points are priorities to each person. What value do they add to your life? How do these things help your life be richer? Do the things you picked cost money? Do they cost time? Now that you’ve identified key values that mean something to you, how might those values impact how you spend money? The way we use money (spending, sharing/giving, or saving) relates directly to what we value and what we believe in.

Money is a tool for us to create in our lives the things we hold dear; that reflect what matters most to us. Ask your child:

Key Lessons:

  • Knowing our priorities and what we value should lead us to think about the choices we need to make when it comes to spending money.
  • How we get money (our jobs, careers) and what we choose to do with our money shapes our lives, and is far more important than the amount of money we actually have on-hand.
  • We should be aware of the areas in which we need to save money in order to obtain the things we value.

Ask Your Child:

1. Where would you save money in order to bring about the life you want?

2. Where are the places you would share money with others in order to achieve your dream?