Throughout, you’ll find various downloadable resources, like tip sheets, discussion guides, activities, and fact sheets. We’ve collected all of those resources, and a few more, on this page for your convenience. Download them to use or to share with others!

Back to School: A Parent's Checklist

Getting ready for school can be a lot of fun as long as everything doesn’t happen at the last minute!

10 Minutes Together: Keeping Family Sanity

Family life can get crazy at times! When things start to get hectic, try these 10 ideas for keeping the sanity in your household.

Motivating Couch Potato Kids

Technology is wonderful, but it can also tempt kids into leading a sedentary lifestyle.

10 Minutes Together: Points for Life

A quick-and-easy lesson in values, planning, and spending, saving, and sharing money wisely.

10 Minutes Together: Tracking Your Savings Goals

A quick lesson in goal setting, tracking, and celebrating!

10 Minutes Together: Taste Test

A quick lesson in money management, value shopping, and nutrition!

Drug Danger Signs

Do you suspect your child is using illicit drugs? If you start to see any of these signs, it’s time to talk.

Tips For Tackling Tough Conversations

No matter what the issue, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Activity Ideas for Exploring Sparks

Exploring your child’s interests is fun and easy with this handy activity guide.

Tips For Positive Parenting

These action-response tips for kids of all ages will help you respond positively when the situation calls for discipline.