Throughout, you’ll find various downloadable resources, like tip sheets, discussion guides, activities, and fact sheets. We’ve collected all of those resources, and a few more, on this page for your convenience. Download them to use or to share with others!

Eating Disorders: Recognize the Warning Signs

Use this guide to help you determine if your child might be developing risky eating habits.

10 Minutes Together: Family of Purpose Activity #1 - Create Your Own Family Code

It’s a new year, and we’re all about helping you parent with intention in 2012! This year, resolve to become a Family of Purpose! Activity #1 – Create Your Own Family Code

The December Dilemma: When Your Family Doesn't Celebrate Christmas

December can be a difficult time for families who don’t celebrate Christmas.

The Red Flags of Risky Behavior

Drugs. Sex. Smoking. Dating Violence. Eating Disorders. Alcohol. Heed the warning signs and take action against risky teen behavior.

Talking to Your Kids about Cell Phones

Whether your child wants a cell phone or already has one, it’s important to keep talking about how to use it well.

Preventing Bullying Behavior

Take action against bullying with these everyday tips.

Addressing Bullying Behavior

Do you think your child might be a bully? Here are some tips to help address bullying behavior.

Homework Tips: The Checklist all Families Need

Use this checklist to help your kids succeed in getting started and finishing their homework.

Morning and Evening Routines Checklist

Use this daily checklist to help you streamline your family’s morning and evening routines.

Marie's Healthy Grocery Shopping List

Take this list along on your next trip to the grocery store to recreate these healthy, back to school snack ideas.