Throughout, you’ll find various downloadable resources, like tip sheets, discussion guides, activities, and fact sheets. We’ve collected all of those resources, and a few more, on this page for your convenience. Download them to use or to share with others!

Keeping Kids Safe: Tips for Raising Good Kids in a Violent World

Being a victim or perpetrator of violence, harassment, or bullying is a serious issue, with lasting negative effects on the lives of children and teens.

Family Meals Toolkit

When you gather around the table, make it count! Talk about what’s going on in your lives. Tell jokes. Discuss current events. Make family meals fun!

The International Rice Passport Challenge

How can something as simple as rice connect cultures? Learn more and test your knowledge with this fun, educational activity!

Parent Letter to Teachers and School Administrators

Did you attend our sparks webinar? Copy, paste, and e-mail this letter to your child’s principal or a school administrator.

Making Volunteer Time Meaningful

Use this guide to ensure you and your family get the most out of your volunteering experience.

Tips to Help You Reflect on Your Family Volunteering Experience

Your family will get even more out of a volunteer project if you take the time to debrief your experience. Use this worksheet as a guide to help you reflect on your experience.

FAQ's about Connecting to Community

Neighbors can be great, but close relationships with neighbors don’t happen overnight. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about connecting to community.

FAQ's about Volunteering

Serving others as a family has many benefits, including setting a very good example for your children. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about volunteering as a family.

FAQ's about Friends and Peer Pressure

Our most frequently asked questions about Friends and Peer Pressure.

Mid-Summer Pop Quiz! 10 Activities to Boost Your Brain

Who wants a test in the summer? Trust us, you do! Because with this quiz, when you find the answer, the fun is only just beginning.