Everyday Ways to Connect With Kids!

Are you looking for fun and easy ways to connect with kids? Try the talking tip below. If this one doesn't suit you, click the button for more ideas.





These tips really work!


Sometimes it’s really difficult to figure out how to START a conversation with preteens and teens, because it feels like you live on different planets. Search Institute’s questions help to bridge that divide, engaging families in meaningful conversations that give a voice to everyone around the table. These discussion topics can encourage relationship building as family members discover and build common ground.


Excellent conversation starters! They are open-ended and non-threatening.

For 3 to 9 year old children, using the Kelly Bear books that ask a question on each page serve to enhance parent-child open communication and bonding. For sample pages see http://www.kellybear.com/KBMaterials.html and click on the picture of the books.