Unmasking the Media

By April Gordon, Student Member of YPI’s Unmask the Media Project

Media has become a ubiquitous force in modern society that normalizes harmful behaviors and lifestyles such as violence, sexual exploitation, and extreme materialism. By raising awareness, we hope to help our generation learn how to differentiate each person’s unique, individual truths and preferences from those which the media spoon-feeds us. By becoming more aware of our environment, we can be empowered to be more media-savvy consumers. We can change the media’s practices through public outcry and, by extension, its effects, at a grass-roots level.

However, we cannot do this alone.

We need our parent’s support to be proactive in combating the harmful effects of the media. With your help, we can peek behind the mask of the media to see what is really there. Together we can answer the question: are we the consumers, or are we the consumed?

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As you look through the resources that ParentFurther has to offer, we hope that you will come to feel, as we do, that this issue is of vital importance to our world. For more information on our project and how you can get involved, please visit www.projectunmask.com.

Click the "play" button on the presentation below and use the arrows to zoom in and out of each text area to to find out more about the effects of media and advertising on young people.


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  • The Five Media Giants
  • Methods of the Media
  • The Media Complex