Keeping Kids Busy during the Summer

One of the biggest issues about summer is that parents tend to have too much to do and kids don’t have enough to do. Some kids are happy about that. It means they can pick what they want to do, while other kids quickly get bored.

Preventing Summer Boredom

  • Set expectations for the summer. Talk with your child about what to do during each day of the summer. That doesn’t mean each day needs to be highly structured and scheduled, but you don’t want you child to default to playing video games or watching TV for 10 hours straight.

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  • Connect with the families of your kids’ friends. What are their summer plans? Sometimes you may find a stay-at-home parent who would gladly have your child come over often. You could coordinate with other families that can take turns having the kids over. Or you may discover a summer camp or activity that the family enjoys that has openings for your child.

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  • Find a balance between fun and learning. Kids start the summer with enthusiasm for fun—and for a break from school. Consider letting them have some downtime before they start summer activities. Then create ways to take a break—and to learn (in fun ways).
  • Create family fun times during the summer that stimulate your child’s thinking. Visit a museum or zoo together. Take a family field trip to another part of town to explore it. Go for a bike ride. Attend an outdoor concert. Stay up late and look for constellations.

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It’s easy for kids to be sedentary or get bored in the summer, but by being intentional about encouraging summer activities, you can make sure your kids stay active and have an educational summer. Get your whole family involved, and make summer a time of learning for everyone!



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