Getting Active and Staying Active!

Why Is it Important for Kids to Be Active?

For kids to be healthy, both now and in the future, they need to develop good exercise habits and get involved in physical activities. Today, the Centers for Disease Control says that one out of three kids is either overweight or obese.1 That compares to only one out of 20 kids between 1976 and 1980.2 To reverse this trend, parents are finding ways to get—and keep—themselves and their kids active.
By encouraging physical activity and being supportive of your children’s activities and fitness, you can help them grow into adults that are physically fit and healthy. And by working to set a good example, you can improve your own fitness as well. Supporting and empowering kids to find physical activities that interest them and get them moving is good for more than just keeping them active—it lays the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle throughout the rest of their lives. Common Questions and Concerns About Sports and Fitness >

Did You Know?

  • Only 35 percent of kids meet the recommended physical activity levels by increasing their heart rate and breathing hard for at least 60 minutes a day on five out of every seven days.3

  • Fifty-four percent of kids say it’s “quite” or “very much” like them to take good care of their body by exercising regularly and eating healthy.4

  • Almost 40 percent of kids say they spend three or more hours a week playing on or helping with a sports team.6 Guys are more likely to do this than girls.7

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To avoid that issue we let them play and make some physical activities to maintain there healthy body and to avoid from obesity.

JY @ Healthy Living

Yes, we should teach our children a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Eating healthy and exercise are very important. They not only benefit their health but also attribute to the person they become: they'll gain confidence, more energy and they'll be happier overall. It also helps with stress, that's something a lot of kids would benefit from. As a personal trainer in Los Angeles I really would like to see more kids get active and healthy.

The best way to teach your child fitness is by example. This is the way that we teach them everything else in life, why would fitness be different?

An easy way to do this is to workout at home.

Family fitness can include jumping jacks, push ups, toe touches, or any other routine exercises that you can come up with.

Children can also join in when lifting free weights. It’s not advisable to actually give them weights, but a half-filled water bottle will do the trick for the very young. A small 2-lb dumbbell for older children should be plenty of weight to keep their muscles toned.

Be sure to learn and share proper technique for any exercises. Improper body position can cause needless pain or even injury.

One huge tip that I can give for you is to find common activities that you can enjoy with your child. Maybe hiking or throwing the ball around, biking, rollerblading, sports. Anything that you can do to get them excited about exercise and it is a bonus because it will keep you as a parent active as well!

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