Common Questions From Real Parents

It seems like my kids are always fighting. What can I do to help them get along better?

Sibling fights are never going to go away. That’s just a fact of family life. You can encourage your children, however, to use more positive conflict-resolution skills that will defuse many of their arguments before they become full-blown fights. Model these skills when you have disagreements with your parenting partner, other family members, and your children. Make it a point to show your child that strategies such as compromising, sharing, and taking turns are more effective than shouting or arguing.
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I get along with one of my children much better than the other, and I feel guilty about favoring that child, even though I don’t try to.

Many parents find that their personalities are a better match for one of their children’s than the other or that they bond more easily with one than the other. This is nothing to feel guilty about. What’s important to remember is that you love both of your children and that a child who thinks differently than you do can provide a unique and different perspective on life. Make sure to tell both of your children that you love them very much and that they are both special to you.
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