Common Questions From Real Parents

Why is parenting so time consuming?

First-time parents and parents of newborns are often shocked at how much their lives change. Suddenly, their entire life and schedule revolve around a child, and they feel like they’re on call 24/7. Parenting kids, particularly young children or multiple children, can feel like an 18-year marathon that you haven’t trained for. The good news is that most parents make the adjustment to responding consistently to their child’s needs well. It just takes practice.

Why should parents take time to care for themselves?

You cannot give to your child what you do not have yourself. If you feel stressed, your child will pick up on that stress. If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, your body language will communicate that to your child—even if you never talk about. Parents who find ways to care for themselves (even if it’s for only a few minutes a day) typically feel refreshed and better prepared to care for their kids.

Why do some parents “lose” themselves?

Because parenting well requires adults to make sacrifices, they can become so focused on their kids that they lose track of who they are. They become so busy getting kids fed, dressed, and transported to activities that they’re going-going-going from morning to night. This busy lifestyle can stretch out for years until one day the parent may ask, “Who am I?” “What do I want?” “What do I enjoy doing?” These are great questions for parents. As they explore those questions, they often discover aspects of themselves that they buried—or parts of themselves that they want to develop further.



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