Simple Ways to Care For Yourself

Many parents say they don’t have time to fit in one more thing in their schedule. Yet, many parents have found that they can care for themselves in creative, quick ways. Try some of the ideas below and see what works for you. Or find something else that suits you better—everyone has different needs, and that includes needs for self-care.

Take a short nap when your kids nap. If your kids are too old to nap, have a quiet time every day for everyone—including yourself.

Put on your favorite music and dance. Most songs are around three minutes long.

Stretch. Do some type of physical activity. Getting your heart pumping will energize you.

Keep away from electronics for a short time. Don’t check your e-mail. Don’t turn on the TV. Don’t answer the phone. Let these things go for a while.

Eat something you really enjoy, such as an apple or a piece of chocolate. Eat slowly and savor the flavor.

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Pick up an interest you had long ago. Dust off that musical instrument you used to play. Do a cartwheel. Read a short story.

Call up a friend and talk about what gets you excited about life (other than your kids, your family and your job).

You may feel like you need to set aside a good chunk of time if you’re really going to take care of yourself, but you might be surprised to find that just five minutes of relaxing or doing something you enjoy can make a big difference. Give it a try and find out what works for you.



I write poetry and listen to my music, or I bake something nice and sweet and then enjoy the dessert with my kiddos.

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