Keeping Up With Parenting

It would be easier to care for yourself if you could focus only on caring for yourself and your child. But most parents juggle multiple demands: such as a job, going to school, doing volunteer work, caring for other family members, and so on. How do you care for yourself when you’re trying to do it all?

Pace yourself. Remember that you don’t have to do everything today. You can’t raise a great kid overnight. It takes years. That’s also true for your other demands. They don’t all need to be taken care of right now.
Reassess your priorities from time to time. Is there a way to slow down some aspects of your lifeFor example, if you’re working full time, can you cut back to four days a week? If you’re working on a degree, is it better to stretch it out over six years instead of four?
Set firm boundaries on your time. When you’re pulled in many directions, make sure that others don’t try to pull you in even more ways.
Monitor your kids closely. How are they doing with everything that’s going on? If your kids are suffering, you may need to scale back on what you’re doing so that they’re getting more of what they need.
Discover how to balance work and family and also find high-quality child care from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Work and Play articles.
Pencil in time for yourself on your calendar. When you have a packed calendar, it’s easy to put yourself last. Writing in time for yourself on your calendar shows you that it’s as important as everything else.
When you get really busy, it can be tough not only to find time to take care of yourself, but also to remember to take care of yourself. Make it a point to set some time aside for yourself often so that it becomes a habit; one that will stick with you through the busy, tough times that every parent faces.



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