Why Is Self-Care Important?

As a parent, it’s a natural instinct to put your child’s needs first. When they’re infants, you respond when their cry, and as they become older, you become vigilant in their safety and help them to discover who they are and develop the skills they need to succeed. While all this is happening, it’s easy to lose track of yourself.

Caring for yourself is a crucial part of caring for your kids. It’s important to keep track of what your kids need, but don’t let that obscure what you need. Take care of your entire family, as a whole—including yourself—to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

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Did You Know?

  • Parents say the number one issue that makes parenting difficult is that it is such a demanding job.1
  • Parents who have close relationships with other adults can parent better when under stress.2
  • Parents of teenagers, more than others, need support from friends and family in order to thrive.3
  • Even though support is crucial to parenting well (and taking care of yourself), more than half of all parents say they have no sources of support.4
  • One out of three parents say they wish people they trust would spend more positive time with their child.5
  • Forty-one percent of parents say that financial pressures make their lives more difficult. 6


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Thank you for this post. Self-care is crucial to positive parenting. I highly recommend The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal by because she outlines the importance of self-care, creating a support system (which the above article mentions many parents don’t have), and living in the present. It’s a must-read. Mothers feel guilty when we spend time/money on ourselves, but it’s important we do so those feelings of resentment don’t creep in, so we can enjoy being present with our family, so we can feel energized and have the time to spend doing the things we love. Most importantly, by practicing self-care, I’m setting a good example for my daughter.


everything you had mentioned is true, in my case.


All the tips are realized most of the parents.but it is tough if parent have the financial difficulties or any type of may be tough and painful,but parenting is the most enjoyable part of life.

I once again fall into the disheveled mom .The one who needs to buy at least a new pair of glasses ,mine are five years old .I lost my figure due to all the time spent on the twins .My needs fell in last .I could use help in this area .

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