Thinking Further About Money Management

We Recommend...

  • Bank It -- Bank It is a one-stop resource for parents, youth and workshop leaders to learn about and educate on making positive choices with money.
  • Teens and Money -- Consumer Action's training series offers useful materials, including booklets and presentation slides in several languages, for parents and caring adults to use in teaching teens about finance, including budgeting, banking, saving, credit cards, and more.
  • MoneyWi$e -- This site contains a large assortment of multilingual, educational information on finance topics like building good credit, banking basics, and identity theft and fraud protection.
  • ShareSaveSpend -- Nathan Dungan offers a variety of educational resources and programs fit for individuals, families, or groups, as well as speaking engagements. You can also sign up for the ShareSaveSpend newsletter to receive valuable financial tips in your inbox every month.
  • Watch our Kids and Money Webinar Archive:

    Share Save Spend: Your Money Traits and How They Are Impacting Your Kids

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