Thinking Further about Health and Nutrition

All parents are concerned with their family’s health—a healthy family is a happy family, after all. It can be overwhelming to keep tabs on everyone’s doctor and dentist appointments, nutritional habits, sleep schedules, and the countless other things that affect your family members’ health, but your task will be much easier if you plant the seeds of a healthy lifestyle in your children early on. Children have more health problems today than they did in the past years, but that doesn’t mean that your children have to resign to being unhealthy. Get them on the right track while they’re young, and they’ll be much healthier throughout their entire lives.

Other Useful Web Sites

  • My Pyramid for Kids — Find information on My Pyramid, including posters for kids, interactive activities, tools, classroom materials, and nutritional information relevant for your family.

More Books You May Like

  • Eating Right from 8 to 18 — With clear, simple advice and over 100 recipes, this book will help parents teach their kids good nutritional practices that will last a lifetime.
  • Fed Up!: Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity — This book empowers and motivates parents by examining the causes of obesity and detailing what some families have done to stay healthy.
  • Raising Vegetarian Children — Whether a child chooses to be a vegetarian or his family chooses it for him, it can be difficult for members of the family to get along at the dinner table. The strategies in this book will help alleviate some of the nutritional and relational tensions that may arise from raising a vegetarian child.
  • Trim Kids — This program, developed by an exercise physiologist, a clinical psychologist, and a dietitian, has helped thousands of kids fight obesity.