Common Questions From Real Parents

How can I make sure my kids maintain a healthy diet when they refuse to eat anything they think is “health food”?

At some time or another, all parents worry about their child’s eating. Kids go through periods when they eat healthier and have good appetites, and they also go through stages when all they want to eat is junk. Realize that eating is not only about nutrition, but also about being independent. Kids quickly learn that they have control of what they eat, how much they eat, and even when they eat. (This is why eating disorders can develop in some kids and teenagers.) Be patient, but continue to model and talk about healthy eating habits. Get Simple and Healthy Recipe and Snack Ideas >

How can I maintain a healthy diet for my family on a tight budget?

There are many strategies for making the most out of a limited grocery budget. You can find several recommendations from the Center for Health Promotion and Wellness at MIT Medical’s Eating Healthfully on a Tight Budget

My child refuses to eat almost everything. What do I do?

Some children have extra-sensitive taste buds. (Children also tend to have a strong sense of smell, and they will complain about aromas that you may not even be able to sense.) It’s important to be patient with them, but it’s also important to continue offering them a variety of healthy foods to try. Never force your child to eat, but always invite him to eat healthy foods. Avoid offering junk food as a substitute—this will only teach your child to hold out for treats. When you eat healthily, your child will notice the choices you make and eventually see the importance of good nutrition. More Simple Nutrition Tips >