Thinking Further About The Environment

Creating environmental change may seem like a difficult and monumental task—but no matter how cliche it sounds, every little bit helps. By taking small steps in your everyday life, you can support environmental change and teach your kids to value environmental consciousness.

Learn as Much as You Can—Research environmental issues on the Internet. Read books and magazine articles. Discover which environmental issues interest you most.

Donate to Good Causes—Give your time and/or money to environmental causes that you care about. Visit to find environmental organizations that interest you.

Watch Programs that Expand Your View—As a family, consider watching Planet Earth with kids of all ages or An Inconvenient Truth with your teenagers. Afterward, talk about your reactions and what you can do.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint—Use the carbon footprint calculator to discover ways to reduce your carbon emissions. Use The Nature’ Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator.

Encourage Kids to Inform Others about Environmental Concerns—Your child often will be asked to give speeches, prepare reports, and do research projects at school, and sometimes he will be able to choose which topics to cover. Encourage him to choose topics about the environmental concerns that he’s most interested in and concerned about.

Discover Your Community’s Environmental Profile—Go to, type in your ZIP code, and get information on the environmental profile of your community. You can also see how your community compares with others.

Follow Your Child’s Lead—Your child often will discover environmental issues that interest her. When this happens, help her learn more about the topic. Find concrete, creative ways to act on your child’s interest.

There are some big environmental problems in the world today, and stepping up to tackle them can seem like an intimidating proposition. When you consider, however, that you are taking action with the help of millions of other people, your contributions don’t seem so small.




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