Raising Conscious Consumers

Even though shopping isn’t always a “green” activity, we as consumers can make smart shopping choices that help the environment.

Do It Yourself—A number of cleaning products that are marked as “green” are not necessarily safe. In addition, many are quite expensive. Instead, consider making your own cleaning products. Tip: Vinegar and baking soda double as household cleaning agents.Check out the recipes for making your own cleaning products from Planet Green.

Bring Your Own Bags—When shopping, bring your own bags to carry your purchases home. Keep them in your car so they’re ready to use. If you do accept the bags that the store provides, make sure you recycle them, rather than tossing them. Tip: Plastic bags make great trash can liners!

Less is Best—Part of the environmental problem is all the packaging that gets disposed of after you open a purchased item. Try to buy items that have less—or no—packaging. Or purchase items that are packaged in recyclable materials.

Think before You Buy—Help your family members to slow down their purchases and to think about what they’re buying—and why. Many people who are concerned about the environment are trying to be intentional about buying less—and buying only what they need.

Change within the commercial world begins with consumers. The buying practices of each and every person can be used to send a message to the producers of consumer goods: change your buying habits and let it be known that you’d like to see environmentally friendly products and packaging.



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