ParentFurther This Back to School Season and Beyond!

Kids going back to school.

Whether you’ve experienced sending your children back to school several times or you’re sending your child to their first day of school ever, planning and preparation are always essential elements in a successful transition from summer vacation to a full-fledged school routine. We’ve compiled some simple, everyday tips—for all ages and stages—to help make this back-to-school season, and school year, as stress-free as possible.

Download our handy Back-to-School Checklist.

5 Simple Tips for Back to School Survival

1. Pack up the kids and pay a visit to school on the Saturday before opening day. A tour around the campus can be a simple way to ease the first-day jitters— especially for those students who will be starting a new school.

2. Try to schedule a brief introduction with your child’s teacher before school starts, or send your child’s teacher an e-mail introducing yourself. Download our free Parent-Teacher Introduction e-mail template to send out before the first day of school. Your enthusiasm will give teachers a positive outlook on parent involvement in the classroom.

3. Make a decision— with your child, if she is old enough— about school lunches. Will she be taking a bagged lunch to school or purchasing lunch at the school cafeteria? It’s helpful to plan out bagged lunches at least a week in advance. Most schools now offer healthier school lunch options, so there’s no need to stress over whether or not your kid is getting her proper nutrition.

4. Address your child’s social anxiety at home. Grab a stuffed animal, or a spouse, and role play out some of the potentially stressful scenarios your child may encounter at a new school: making friends, encountering older kids and encounters with strangers.

5. Keep back to school supplies together, by the door. Encourage your child to clean up his homework area every evening after homework is complete. Books and homework should be placed inside backpacks, and backpacks placed near the door to eliminate rushing around, searching for school items in the morning.

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