What type of angst is your teen struggling with?

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other: more independence & poor decisions

My 15 yr old wants more independence yet he is continuously making poor decisions. How am I supposed to give him all the freedom & independence when he makes such poor choices 9 out of 10 times.

Other = None!

All teens do not have angst! I have two wonderful teens, as do many other families!

teen angst - depression

Other – depression. My fifteen year old is struggling from depression stemming from our (his parents’) recent separation/divorce. He is struggling with a lack of faith in us. Recently, he has managed to voice, “You don’t give up on someone!” Children tend to see things in “black and white”, right or wrong. He is having a hard time seeing through all the gray area that is our lives now. I’m trying to offer him the concepts “You don’t give up on yourself either.” and “You can’t always control what happens in life.” and “Sometimes relationships don’t go the way you want or need. So you have to go forward and take care of yourself.”