Is it appropriate for parents to read our kids' text messages?

No! I respect my child's privacy!
15% (18 votes)
Yes! I'm the parent!
52% (63 votes)
It depends on the age of the child
22% (27 votes)
Other: Comment below
11% (14 votes)
Total votes: 122
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It was a condition for getting the cell phone


Reading text messages was a condition of getting the cell phone. My 13-year-old knew from the beginning that I would be reading all text messages and nothing gets deleted until I see all messages. Plus, all of her friends who text message her knows that I review all her messages and was told not to send or forward any inappropriate messages otherwise their parent was going to get a call from me. It might seem harsh for but, I want my daughter (and her friends) to understand that it’s a privilege to have a cell phone that texts and as part of that privilege, there are rules.