What causes conflict in your household?

Kids not doing their chores
25% (46 votes)
Sibling rivalry
20% (37 votes)
Kids disagree with your rules
45% (85 votes)
Other (Comment Below)
10% (19 votes)
Total votes: 187
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my oldest she love's to talk and has a i dont care attitude

i am a very concern parent, i dont spare the rod for my children, i love them and show lots of it. i attend school pta, take them to church, i often pray for them and over them, i make sure they have clean clothing and food to eat, my oldest daughter is the only one i dont understand and why she act the way she do. she loves attention and to talk back, its a none toleratings in my house. she is very,very smart and creative, loves to sing, write poems, and draw and can be very helpful. after her dad i seperated at one point it became worst, i love my child and just want whats best for her.