At what age do you allow your child to start dating?

Under the age of 12
8% (51 votes)
Age 12
3% (18 votes)
Age 13
4% (22 votes)
Age 14
5% (33 votes)
Age 15
13% (80 votes)
Age 16
33% (203 votes)
Age 17
9% (56 votes)
Age 18
14% (86 votes)
I do not allow my child to date
11% (68 votes)
Total votes: 617
Your rating: None Average: 3.3 (4 votes)


why not, there going to do it anyway

if you don’t le your kids get the experience in dating….they are going to do it be hide you back and end up in a bad situation

Wow I’m pregnant and 16. And

Wow I’m pregnant and 16. And some parents won’t even let their poor child date


wow really why not date whats wrong with dating..?

ages for dating

Hi my name is Nicole,

Before becoming a mother myself, during growing up I seen teenagers dating at a young ages and they didnt pay attention at school education anymore. All they are worry about are being popular or being with popular guy/girl to be able fit in.Plus what about having sex at a early age if you’re dating at 13-15 yrs old. I feel the young teenagers need to be worry about being active in school education and sports. and consider about their future a little so they can figure out what they want and interests. they have in mind. I am a 28yrs old mother to a 5 yrs old. Yes he is not a teenager already but I am prepare lol.

Dating age

We don’t allow our children to date. We work with them on understanding the importance of courting instead. Very different things in today’s day and age.

heyyyyyyyyyyy lol

people crazy around here and my dughter has a boyfriend and she 12 but he cool he nice and he live next door me an the naboior is friends so yea but let me catch her sliping like tryin to have kids im going to kick her azz and she go be living with her daddy before i kill her

we r young and strong so we r right to ready to date

give us a chance…....................................