Life Lessons for Busy Parents

Between full-time jobs and running a household, sometimes the best we can do as parents is to squeeze in ten minutes of quality time with our kids! These quick-and-easy “Ten Minutes Together” lessons are designed to help parents and kids on-the-go make the most of their busy lives together.

Downloadable Lessons

10 Minutes Together: 2 Quick Independence Day Activities: This Independence Day, make time to teach your kids about why the holiday is so important beyond grilling out and summer fun. If you’re pressed for time, try these 10-minute activities. For more great activity ideas, visit: The ParentFurther blog.

10 Minutes Together: Keeping Family Sanity: Family life can get crazy at times! When things start to get hectic, try these ten, 10-minute ideas for keeping the sanity in your household.

10 Minutes Together: Taste Test : A quick lesson in money management, value shopping, and nutrition!

10 Minutes Together: Tracking Your Savings Goals : A quick lesson in goal setting, tracking, and celebrating!

10 Minutes Together: Points for Life: A budgeting and planning game that will get kids excited about their future!

10 Minutes Together: Become a Family of Purpose! Activity #1: Create your own Family Code: It’s a new year, and we’re all about helping you parent with intention in 2012! This year, resolve to become a Family of Purpose! Activity #1 – Create Your Own Family Code.