Tobacco Use: Summary and Next Steps

Whether or not you use tobacco products, you want to keep your kids from picking up the habit. And while there are many things that increase the likelihood of your kids using tobacco, there are also many things you can do to help keep your kids away from harmful behaviors, including smoking.

By educating your children and preparing them to resist peer pressure and make good decisions, you can give them the tools they need to stay tobacco-free. And if you find out that one of your children is using tobacco, you can take positive action to help him or her quit.

Other Useful Web Sites

  • CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health — Including state, federal, and online resources, as well as research and tools, the OSH site is a valuable central location for tobacco use prevention information.
  • TeensHealth: Drugs and Alcohol — This site provides useful articles for teens on tobacco use, quitting, and information on alcohol and other drugs.
  • What You(th) Should Know about Tobacco — A tip sheet that contains useful information for youth, parents, and coaches.
  • How to Quit — A collection of useful resources to help anyone trying to quit smoking or smokeless tobacco use.
  • Smoking and How to Quit — provides a great deal of information for women trying to quit smoking.
  • National Cancer Institute: Smoking — NCI’s compilation of resources will help you find research and learn more about smoking, and provides links to many useful quitting resources.
  • Smokefree Teen —This website, created specifically for teens by the National Cancer Institute, provides information and resources to help teens better understand the decisions they make—especially the decision to quit smoking—and how those decisions fit into their lives.

Downloadable Resources

Parenting Kids Who Don’t Use Tobacco: This tip sheet will help you initiate the difficult tobacco conversation and effectively inform your child on the dangers of tobacco use.

Smoking and Kids – The Latest Trends: This booklet contains research facts, talking points, and important issues for parents.

Preventing Kids From Smoking—When You Smoke: This tip sheet provides useful, concise tips on how to keep your kids from smoking.